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  • Weeding introduced species and co-ordinating the staged removal of woody weeds (e.g. Hawthorn, Ash, Olives

  • Maintaining paths (with mulch)

  • Developing and maintaining interpretive signage and plant identification signs

  • Managing minor infrastructure projects such as the benches and picnic table

  • Removing any rubbish we find

  • Monitoring water quality in the creek

  • Keeping photo references to record changes

  • Involvement in other census and monitoring programs including fungi and frogs

  • Maintaining a herbarium of the 22 remnant plant species

Children help with the work as much as they are able; however their main activities are spotting wildlife, playing in the creek and climbing trees!

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Project Example: Picnic Table

In 2009 the Red Gum Gully Bushcare Group researched and built a stone and glazed tile table that records the history of the reserve and its plant and animal species. This was done in conjunction with the Mitcham Heritage Support Team (led at the time by our late friend Maggie Ragless who was a tireless supporter of our group) and with financial support from the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Rages Natural Resources Management Board and the City of Mitcham. It features stunning artwork by Ronda and Jim Dunstan. The table has become a focal point for the group’s bushcare and social activities and is a great resource for visitors wanting to know more about the reserve. 

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In January 2012 the Red Gum Gully Our Patch Group was delighted to receive an Award for Excellence in Environmental Achievement from the City of Mitcham as part of its Australia Day Awards Program. Awards are presented to acknowledge achievements by individuals or groups living and/or working in Mitcham who have made outstanding contributions to the community.

In 2002 the group won a Catchment Care Award.

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